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Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Markus Spiske
DurUntash Lab

Smart Solutions for 
Sustainable Agriculture

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology
EnviTronics Lab Team Agriculture

EnviTronics is a research & development lab. Our team develops cutting-edge technologies and collaborate with companies, universities, growers and consultants to ensure the generalizability of these technologies from large to small scale, and suitability for research applications.

APAS T1 rockwool moisture sensor

Our efforts cover various agricultural technology (Agri-Tech) areas and range from developing sensors, instrumentation, and software to automated sensor-based decision support systems. We also develop required hardware/software interface (or help our customers develop their own solutions) to integrate our sensors into existing monitoring and control systems.


Long-Range Wireless Monitoring System

Substrate Sensors, LoRa Wireless Nodes, Gateway and Software

The system combines EnviTronics Lab's wireless sensor nodes, gateway, research-grade sensors, and software to set up a wireless sensor network in star or star-of-stars topology for your field, orchard, greenhouse, nursery, grow room or even home garden. You will own a maintenance-free local network without having to pay any subscription fees. In addition, you do not need Internet access and the network can operate fully independently. The network can easily cover a radius of 2 km (1.2 mi) line of sight. 


Wireless Control & Monitoring System

Substrate Sensor, Bluetooth LE-enabled Node, Mobile App

The system combines EnviTronics Lab's Bluetooth LE-enabled wireless sensor nodes (ISHTAR) and controllers (SUMERIT), research-grade sensors, and mobile app to set up a short range wireless control & monitoring system for your operation. Multiple Bluetooth controllers can be permanently installed in different spots. Using the SHUSHAN mobile app, you can give each node a unique alphanumeric name, and use the app to collect data from each of these different nodes and save on your smartphone.



Rockwool Moisture Sensor

APAS T1 is a research-grade  substrate moisture sensor with a large volume of influence. The APAS T1 sensor is designed and optimized for measurements in soilless media (e.g. rockwool, coco coir), and can also measure accurately in soils with high organic matter. The sensor  goes through a multiple-stage tuning to minimize sensor-to-sensor variability and provides temperature-compensated readings to maximize overall measurement accuracy.



Rockwool EC & TDS Sensor

HITA E0 sensor measures temperature and bulk electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) of rockwool. The sensor is optimized for continuous measurements. The HITA E0 sensor has extremely low power consumption and every sensor comes with a unique 64-bit digital ID making it ideal for IoT applications. It can also be used for measuring salinity levels in fertilizer tanks or to prepare nutrient solutions in hydroponics.



Leaf Wetness Sensor

INSHU LWS is an ultra-accurate sensor that can measure leaf wetness, dew, ice formation and temperature. The INSHU LWS sensor can be used to decide when to spray pesticides in integrated pest management (IPM), or when to activate air-blast systems in cherry orchards to avoid cherry cracking after rainfall. The sensor is capacitive (dielectric) and does not need to be painted. It can determine both the onset and duration of wetness and also quantify the amount of water on the sensor surface. 

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