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EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology - Rockwool Mositure Sensor

Cost Estimates
Thank you for your interest in EnviTronics Lab! You can request a cost estimate via form below. After receiving your request, we will send you an estimate usually within a few business days. Our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Please provide your detailed contact information, and as much information as you can on services you may need, product quantity, product specifications, or special requests in the comments section below. 

Availability of Products and Services
EnviTronics sensors and data acquisition equipment including dataloggers, sensor nodes and handheld readers listed below are available to order at this time. Any other product or technology is only available on a customer-to-customer basis. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 


Do-It-Yourself Readers for Sensors

We have a variety of DIY readers that you can build on your own and use with our sensors. You can find information about the DIY readers here.



Sensor Calibration Service

We have carried out extensive experiments with our sensors to determine sensor-specific parameters such as temperature dependence, sensor-to-sensor variation, etc. Our data acquisition devices also come pre-programmed with calibration parameters for standard substrate (e.g. rockwool) and soil with high organic content. If you are planning to use our sensors in a substrate that is unique to your operation, a re-calibration might be necessary to determine substrate-specific parameters. These values are stored in the sensor memory. Please note that additional sensor calibration might improve the measurement accuracy of APAS T1, HITA E0, and INSHU LWS sensors, but its necessity depends on your needs and circumstances. You may not need calibrated sensors if you are only testing the sensors for integration purposes (into your existing monitoring and control system).


Software for Sensor Integration into Your Codebase

We provide a piece of proprietary software code that takes care of carrying out several stages of signal processing, applying sensor-specific calibration coefficients and temperature compensation. You can test the sensors without integrating our  code (closed-source) into your main code/firmware base; however, uncalibrated sensors might not be reliable enough for monitoring and automation purposes. You need to pay for this piece of software only once. We will customize or modify the software to make sure it runs on your system/hardware. The source code is only available after an agreement leading to a technology transfer. The code is currently available in C/C++.


Sensor Integration Service

Please explain in the comments section below if you are interested in integrating our sensors into your existing control and/or monitoring system. Please note that customer support with respect to integration is not included in product price and is provided as a service on a customer-to-customer basis. As mentioned, the software code (closed-source/proprietary) needed for integration also comes with a price tag.


Lead Time

Our lead time is currently four to six (4 - 6) weeks for small orders (< 50 sensors). The lead time for customized products is dependent on the scope of work involved and will be provided to you in a quote or estimate.

Canadian Customers
All orders from Canadian customers must be delivered directly to our partner specified here (Hydrowise Inc.), from the entity that will be liable for the payment of the order. All other customers (American or international) may use form below to submit their quote request. 
EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology - Rockwool Mositure Sensor
          Hydrowise, Inc.

          PO BOX 43, Mont-Royal Station

          Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3B8


          T:  +1 (514) 638-6674



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