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IoT-enabled Wireless Monitoring System

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology


  • Each network includes sensors, wireless sensor nodes, gateway and monitoring software

  • Works out of the box; no configuration required; takes only a few hours to establish a network 

  • Plug and play with EnviTronics Lab sensors

  • Can cover a radius of 2-km (1.2 mi) line of sight

  • Scheduled RTC-based data transmission minimizes data collision; allows for connecting up to 100 EnviTronics Lab sensors per network or up to 100 networks in the same area

  • Comes with free visualization and configuration software for computer-based data logging and monitoring, and remote access to data

  • Compatible with PLC-based monitoring systems that support UDP messaging 

  • Works with both EnviTronics 4-channels and single-channel long range (LoRa) wireless sensor nodes 

  • Optional IoT-enabled features allows for remote access to sensor data

  • Data transmission protocol and sentence format (similar to NMEA) allows easy integration into third-party hardware & software

  • Optional affordable satellite connectivity

​​You can combine products that are listed at the bottom of this page including research-grade sensors to set up a wireless sensor network in star or star-of-stars topology for your field, orchard, greenhouse, nursery, grow room or even garden. You will own a maintenance-free local network without having to pay any subscription fees. In addition, you do not need Internet access and the network can operate fully independently. The network can easily cover a radius of 2 km (1.2 mi) line of sight.

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology

System Components

To set up a network, you will need the ISHKUR gateway, at least one wireless sensor node and the SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless Windows application. We have two types of wireless sensor nodes: single-channel (ISHTAR 1P-LR; retired) with one sensor port, and 4-channel (SHINAK 4P-LRD) with four sensor ports. You may use a combination of single- and 4-channel nodes in your network. The sensor nodes come with rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged using standard USB adapters, solar chargers or power banks. The 4-channel sensor nodes come with a larger battery pack that can power the unit for up to 12 months. The number of sensors depends on your budget and number of irrigation zones. An irrigation zone includes all plants with the same water needs (irrigated at the same time). We recommend installing at least two sensors per irrigation zone to deal with the natural plant/soil variability.


You can start with installing only one wireless sensor node and add more nodes over time. The gateway automatically detects new wireless sensor nodes that are added to the network, are turned on and have the correct settings. With sensor measurement interval of 60 min, it is possible to have about 100 sensors in the same wireless network. This is a safe number to avoid data loss, and in practice more sensors can be supported. As long as the sensors are installed correctly and that is almost everything(!), the rest is pretty straightforward.

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology

Remote Access to Sensor Data

The ISHKUR gateway has several working modes including an IoT-enabled working mode. The gateway can send data to a local computer over WiFi. The SHUSHAN CVI is a free software and your wireless sensor network will not incur any subscription fees if you're using the ISHKUR gateway in it basic WiFi mode. The IoT-enabled gateway, on the other hand, connects your wireless monitoring system to the Internet (over WiFi). The ISHKUR aggregates and stores wireless sensor data in a cloud-based data storage. You can use the SHUSHAN CVI to connect to the database and download historical data that are available and also monitor near real-time data as they become available. The ISHKUR G-IT comes with free three-month remote access to sensor data, which can be extended by purchasing additional data plans. Sensor data is also available through a REST API (Application Programming Interface) for integration into third-party platforms. Please read this article if you are interested in remote access to your sensor data using a satellite IoT-enabled gateway.

Integration into PLC-based Control & Monitoring Systems ​

You can easily integrate the wireless sensor network with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based monitoring system. The architecture of our wireless monitoring system allows for easy communication with some commercial PLCs. You can access sensor data from the wireless network using UDP messaging and parse using Node-RED. If your control and monitoring system relies on a PLC, you'll be able to plug the wireless monitoring system into it and access sensor data just by doing some additional programming on the PLC side.



Wireless LoRa Node

Wireless 4-Channel LoRa-enabled Sensor Node for EnviTronics Sensors



Soil, Substrate, Plant, Solution

Sensors to Measure Soil Moisture, EC, TDS, Leaf Wetness, Temperature, etc



Wireless Gateway

IoT-enabled LoRa-to-WiFi Gateway for EnviTronics Wireless Sensor Nodes

Android Playstore Logo.png


Windows Application

Software with Support for EnviTronics Wireless Products

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