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Windows Application

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology - Rockwool Mositure Sensor


  • Plays well with all EnviTronics products

  • Collects and visualizes data from a large wireless sensor network

  • Displays real-time sensor data, and device or sensor metadata (serial number, firmware version, etc)

  • Connects to ISHKUR LoRa-to-WiFi gateway

  • Logs and visualizes data from a large wireless sensor network

  • Computer-based monitoring and data logging

  • Allows for easy firmware version check and update (all products)

  • Sensor configuration

  • Device configuration utility for all EnviTronics products

  • Data retrieval from EnviTronics dataloggers

  • Connects to cloud-based services and provides remote access to sensor data


SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless is a Windows application specifically designed  to work with EnviTronics hardware. The SHUSHAN CVI software can be used in combination with EnviTronics wired or wireless dataloggers, sensor nodes, controllers and sensors for easy configuration, firmware update, data retrieval, and computer-based visualization and data logging. As an option, SHUSHAN CVI can be used to apply calibration and temperature compensation to real-time measurements. The software is provided free of charge with all EnviTronics products.

EnviTronics SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless monitoring and control software
EnviTronics SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless monitoring and control software
EnviTronics SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless monitoring and control software

Logging Data from a Large Wireless Sensor Network

The SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless application works together with EnviTronics SHINAK 4P datalogger series and sensors to log and visualize  measurements in real-time. In combination with the SHINAK 4P wireless sensor node and ISHKUR gateway, the SHUHSAN app can be used to create a wireless sensor network covering a radius of  over 2 km (with default settings). You can easily access sensor node data from individual wireless nodes. Incoming real-time data is plotted and also saved in 'csv' format on the computer.

Device Configuration Utility

The SHUSHAN CVI app can be used to upload new settings and calibration coefficients into EnviTronics Lab data loggers and sensors. It can also be used for retrieving data from EnviTronics dataloggers. 

Real-Time Data Calibration and Temperature Compensation

By default, our sensor readout devices automatically apply calibration coefficients and temperature compensation factors to sensor readings. As an option, the SHUSHAN CVI app can be used to apply extra layers of calibration and compensation to measurements in real-time.  

Displays Metadata

EnviTronics Lab products all have digital codes and serial numbers embedded in their hardware.The SHUSHAN CVI app can be used to retrieve metadata such as serial number, firmware version, etc from the device or sensors.


Easy Firmware Update

Firmware update is a great way to add more features to specific product without changing the hardware. A good example is when EnviTronics has a new sensor coming and it may not be supported by the current firmware of your device. You can use the SHUSHAN CVI application to find out if software or firmware updates are available. When a new firmware is available for any of our products, you may use the SHUSHAN CVI to update your hardware in a few easy steps. Firmware updates are always provided free of charge. 


Dry/Wet Thresholds for Irrigation Scheduling

The software allows for setting dry and wet thresholds, which can be used with APAS T1 soil moisture sensors. These threshold lines are helpful when you are conducting irrigation experiments and it is important to maintain soil water content within specific limits. Along with thresholds, you can also enable an alarm system that will send you emails to let you know if soil moisture conditions are critical in any given irrigation zone.




Soil moisture, electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature are recognized as important variables that influence plant productivity in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Continuous monitoring of soil/substrate moisture and EC are very important in different areas of science and engineering such as hydrology, soil science, geotechnical, ecology, meteorology, agronomy and controlled environment agriculture. Accurate soil moisture measurements are necessary tools in precision irrigation and water management. Substrate temperature is also a useful parameter in monitoring crop growth and can also be used for correcting moisture measurements. Soil moisture measurements can be used by farmers and researchers to determine water deficit and to specify the amount of water needed by plants. Monitoring EC is an efficient way to ensure that you ate within the proper range and therefore not burning your plants by over-applying nutrients.

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