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DIY Products

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology - Rockwool Mositure Sensor

Every once in a while, we share details of an open-source product in the form of a DIY project on our blog. These open-source products include most features of the actual product that you will find on our products page. If you have a limited budget, interest and some experience in electronics and programming, you may want to check out our blog for related posts. If you prefer something professional, then we have a variety of options for you here. Feel free to visit our products page to learn more.  

Note: DIY projects listed below are only examples. You can find more projects in our blog's Tutorials section.



DIY  Interface

Open-Source DIY  USB Interface for EnviTronics Sensors



DIY Reader

Open-Source DIY Reader w/ Display for EnviTronics Sensors

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