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EnviTronics (formerly DurUntash Lab, United States) is a research & development Lab operating in the United States and Canada. Our team develops smart sensor technologies for agricultural and environmental monitoring, control and automation. We collaborate with companies, universities, and consultants to ensure the generalizability of these technologies from large to small scale, and suitability for research applications.

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology
EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve environmental sensing and management by developing new technologies, which provide economical solutions. 

Our Activities

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We conduct research & development (R&D) independently and/or in collaboration with our partners. Our R&D areas cover sensor development and integration for environmental monitoring, imagery-based sensing, cutting-edge IoT, wireless sensor networks, and sensor-based decision support systems. We also publish research and outreach articles, and organize educational seminars and webinars. We are available to speak on a variety of topics. Contact us for more information and to arrange for a seminar or workshop at your next  event.

Our Story

In 2006, a research and development group (later named “Irrigation & Drainage Research Group” - IDRG) was founded by a group of friends coming from academic and farming backgrounds. IDRG grew and became a place for makers, tinkerers, and talented students. IDRG's mission was to improve agricultural management practices by developing new technologies and through the technical support of researchers and growers. This is the same R&D group that laid foundation for EnviTronics Lab.

As IDRG, we signed many contracts for developing and implementing solutions for the agriculture industry. We filed several patents and published many articles. We  developed a key product, which was used by hydraulic labs: water level data-logging system based on a network of ultrasonic transducers (and pressure sensors), and used the variable frequency drive (VFD) technology in a variety of applications. One of our most successful projects was the development and commercialization of a soil moisture probe during four years of resilient work.

In the past years, we have been addressing R&D needs of the North American agricultural industries, and closely working with researchers, manufacturers, and producers in the U.S., Canada and other countries. We have been developing sensors, sensor-based decision support software, models and algorithms. Our efforts have entailed physics-based approaches and real-time ground-based thermal-spectral sensing (using custom-built systems), wireless communication and Internet of Things (IoT) among others.

​​An important part of our efforts has focused on developing economical imaging-based sensors for continuous in-field monitoring and management of agricultural crops. These sensors combine onboard image (thermal and spectral) processing capability, machine/deep learning, IoT, and decision support software to provide useful data to growers and researchers. We have been evaluating this technology in various applications and are actively working toward commercializing it.

​We have immense enthusiasm for developing and using technology in agriculture. Our group is always excited to explore new R&D opportunites with you and help you find smart solutions for a sustainable agriculture. We will then push these technologies for commercialization through our excellent and established relationship with the industry and private sector.   
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