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What Growing Media Types APAS T1 Substrate Moisture Sensor Can Accurately Measure in?

Updated: May 24

We get this question very often: What growing media types your APAS T1 moisture sensor can accurately measure in?

The answer is “most media types”.

Actually, the APAS T1 comes with the plus of being already optimized for soilless media in terms of design and calibration, making it the first truly soilless media moisture sensor!

The soilless media types that are supported include rockwool blocks, coco coir and basically any medium that falls into the definition of soilless.

What is different across different media though, is the installation procedure. Each medium requires its own method of installation.

In coco, it depends on how you use it. Some people use it like blocks, some like soil etc. In general, you can bury the soil moisture sensors in coco like you do in the soil.

In all installation methods, good contact between the medium and the sensor body is critical. You need to avoid air gaps or the readings will be off. You also need to avoid reusing the same opening specially in rockwool.

DurUntash readout devices have a setting that depends on how the sensor is installed. If you install the sensor in rockwool only the green blade is in contact with the medium and therefore senses moisture. If you bury the sensor in the medium (in the soil, coco or mini cubes) all of the sensor senses moisture. This changes the calibration and requires a change of settings, which is easily done using our user interfaces (Windows or mobile app).



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