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Graphical User Interface

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology - Rockwool Mositure Sensor

RETIRED ›This app has been replaced by a newer version: SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless.


  • Plays well with USB DurUntash Lab readout devices

  • Real-time data monitoring and visualization

  • Displays sensor readings, and sensor metadata (serial number, firmware version, etc)

  • Computer-based data logging

  • Firmware version check and update (only AVAN Zero)

  • Sensor configuration

  • Device configuration utility for wired DurUntash Lab data loggers, and sensor adapters

  • Data retrieval (data loggers only)


SHUSHAN CVI is a PC-based graphical user interface specifically designed  to work with DurUntash Lab hardware. The SHUSHAN CVI software can be used in combination with our data loggers, sensor adapters and sensors for easy configuration, firmware update, data retrieval, and computer-based visualization and data logging. As an option, the SHUSHAN CVI can be used to apply calibration and temperature compensation to measurements in real-time. The software is provided free of charge with all DurUntash Lab products.

EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology
EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology
EnviTronics Lab - Agricultural Technology

Computer-based Data Logging

The SHUSHAN CVI works together with our SHINAK 4P data logger series and DurUntash Lab sensors to log and visualize  measurements in real-time. Recorded data are available in text format and can be easily exported to spreadsheets like Excel.

Device Configuration Utility

The SHUSHAN CVI can be used to  upload new settings and calibration coefficients into DurUntash Lab data loggers and sensors.  

Real-Time Data Calibration and Temperature Compensation

By default, our data loggers and sensor adapters automatically apply calibration coefficients and temperature compensation factors to sensor readings. As an option, the SHUSHAN CVI can be used to apply extra layers of calibration and compensation to measurements in real-time.  

Data Filtering

DurUntash Lab data loggers and sensor adapters take measurements at a relatively high sampling frequency. The software allows for programming logging intervals for computer-based data logging. The averaging allows the user to conduct experiments in the noisiest of environments and still collect high quality data. 


Firmware Update

When a new firmware is available for any of our products, you may use the SHUSHAN CVI to update your hardware in a few easy steps.


Dry/Wet Thresholds for Irrigation Scheduling

The software allows for setting dry and wet thresholds, which can be used when APAS T1 soil moisture sensors. These threshold lines are helpful when you are conducting an irrigation experiments and it is important to maintain soil water content within specific limits.



Soil moisture, electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature are recognized as important variables that influence plant productivity in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Continuous monitoring of soil/substrate moisture and EC are very important in different areas of science and engineering such as hydrology, soil science, geotechnical, ecology, meteorology, agronomy and controlled environment agriculture. Accurate soil moisture measurements are necessary tools in precision irrigation and water management. Substrate temperature is also a useful parameter in monitoring crop growth and can also be used for correcting moisture measurements. Soil moisture measurements can be used by farmers and researchers to determine water deficit and to specify the amount of water needed by plants. Monitoring EC is an efficient way to ensure that you ate within the proper range and therefore not burning your plants by over-applying nutrients.

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