Pocket-Size Bluetooth-enabled Reader

RETIRED ›This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: ISHTAR 1P-BLE.


  • Works out of the box; no configuration required

  • Plug and play with DurUntash Lab sensors

  • Wirelessly connects to any Android  mobile device using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • Automatic detection of DurUntash sensors connected to its port

  • SHUSHAN Mobile  app  displays real-time sensor readings, and sensor metadata (serial number, firmware version, etc)

  • Stores calibration coefficients for soil moisture and EC sensors

  • Geo-tagged sensor readings can be logged manually or automatically on smartphone

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery; compatible with standard solar chargers and USB power banks

  • Simple communication protocol to interface with third party hardware

  • Comes with a protective carrying case

  • Firmware can be updated; add more features as becoming available


AVAN BLE is a handheld reader with Bluetooth for DUL sensors, including the APAS T1 soil moisture sensor. It includes almost all features of the ISHTAR 1P-BLE in a smaller pocket-size form factor. The AVAN BLE relies on the Bluetooth Low Energy (not to be confused with Classic Bluetooth) technology for short range wireless data transmission. The reader can be used either in combination with our SHUHSAN Mobile app for Android, or our SHUSHAN CVI software for Windows for easy configuration and computer-based visualization and logging of data. The AVAN BLE can automatically detect DUL sensors connected to its port and can be operated out of the box with its default settings.

Bluetooth handheld reader for soil moisture & EC
Bluetooth handheld reader for soil moisture & EC
Bluetooth mobile app for reading soil moisture
Bluetooth mobile app for reading soil moisture

Plug and Play with DurUntash Sensors

The AVAN BLE is compatible all DurUntash sensors. Just plug your sensor into the reader and get real-time sensor readings on your smartphone using the SHUSHAN Mobile app! The AVAN BLE automatically detects DurUntash Lab sensor connected to its port and can be operated out of the box with its default settings. The AVAN BLE has an updatable firmware meaning that future sensor models will also be supported with a simple firmware update using the SHUSHAN CVI-Wireless application for Windows.

APAS T1 soil moisture and temperature sensor
HITA E0 EC, TDS and Temperature sensor
INSHU LWS leaf wetness sensor

Relies on Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth has  Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) versions. Bluetooth Low Energy is an ultra-low power version of Bluetooth meant for lower cost, low power sensor and IoT applications, in which continuous connection is not required, but long battery life is a priority. The AVAN BLE Bluetooth sensor node is built around Bluetooth Low Energy.

Works with Android Smartphones

The AVAN BLE comes with the SHUSHAN Mobile app for Android. The app  displays real-time sensor data, and also sensor metadata (serial number, firmware version, etc). You can use the app to turn your smartphone into a datalogger! Sensor data will be stored on your phone in a 'csv' file along with GPS coordinates and timestamp. You can also manually choose and save specific sensor readings on your phone. 

Bluetooth mobile app for reading soil moisture
Bluetooth mobile app for reading soil moisture
Bluetooth mobile app for reading soil moisture
Bluetooth mobile app for reading soil moisture

Rechargeable Battery

The AVAN BLE is equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can power the unit for months of daily use with a single charge. Any standard USB wall charger, regular or solar powered USB bank providing 100 mA @ 5.0 V with micro USB cable type B can be used to recharge the battery. 

Protective Carrying Case

The AVAN BLE comes with a protective carrying case with zippered pockets for storing the reader its accessories like a micro USB cable. This durable case will protect the reader against accidental damage when you are out in the field. You have the option to use the shoulder strap or the belt loop strap (included) to attach the case to your clothing or other equipment for more convenience.

Handheld reader w/ protective case

Give Your Reader a Unique Name

Using the SHUSHAN mobile app, you can give your reader a unique alphanumeric name like "PlantPot101". You can then use the SHUHSAN Mobile app to collect data from different readers (connect to one node at a time) and save on your smartphone under their unique name.

Dedicated Monitoring and Configuration Software

In addition to the SHUSHAN Mobile app, we have a graphical user interface called SHUSHAN CVI that connects to the AVAN BLE over USB. Here are some of the features of the software:

Logging and Monitoring of Soil Moisture, EC & Temperature

The SHUSHAN CVI works together with our AVAN BLE reader and DurUntash Lab sensors (e.g. APAS T1 soil water moisture sensor, or HITA E0 electrical conductivity probe) to log and visualize  measurements in real-time. Recorded data are available in comma separated 'csv' format and can be easily exported to a spreadsheet like Excel.

Configuration Utility

The SHUSHAN CVI can be used to  upload new settings and calibration coefficients into the sensor node  and DurUntash Lab sensors.



Software Calibration and Temperature Compensation

By default, the AVAN BLE reader automatically applies calibration coefficients to sensor readings to compensate for temperature change and to account for the soil type. As an option, the SHUSHAN CVI can be used to apply extra layers of calibration and compensation to measurements in real-time. 

Monitoring software for soil moisture
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Moisture and temperature are recognized as important variables that influence plant productivity in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Continuous monitoring of soil/substrate moisture is very important in different areas of science and engineering such as hydrology, soil science, geotechnical, ecology, meteorology, agronomy and controlled environment agriculture. Accurate soil moisture measurements are necessary tools in precision irrigation and water management. Substrate temperature is also a useful parameter in monitoring crop growth and can also be used for correcting moisture measurements. Soil moisture measurements can be used by farmers and researchers to determine water deficit and to specify the amount of water needed by plants.

California Proposition 65 Warning

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